Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons

Study Remotely with our Online Piano Lessons

Join the students around the country and around the world who study with our award-winning school. We teach weekly lessons remotely to our students in Chicago, Illinois, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, California, Charlotte, N. Carolina, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Florida, as well as overseas in Saudi Arabia, Korea, Sweden and England. 
Modern technology advances mean everyone can now access top quality music instruction, from anywhere in the world.
Wendelken Piano Studio is committed to offering the best to our students, both near and far. We offer the same quality music instruction remotely as we do in person. Skype lessons with us offer clean sound and image, and we have invested in the very best technology to insure your lesson is the closest thing to being here. We are excited to welcome our new students from Chicago, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, North Carolina!
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We offer lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students of all ages, including Adults. We also welcome professional musicians looking to increase their abilities and repertoire, or prepare for the RCM Pedagogy or Performance Diploma. 
WPS is delighted to offer budding pianists the finest piano education available today through remote technology. Whether you live locally or across the country, you will enjoy learning the fine art of piano from the comfort of your own home. Ms.Wendelken has developed excellent methods for teaching online piano and voice, and each lesson is tailored to the individual to be engaging, challenging, and absolutely enjoyable.

It is now possible for all piano enthusiasts to study with a master pianist.

For the first time, our remote students, be they piano or vocal students, have the option of studying the Royal Conservatory of Music program with us. WPS is honored to offer this elite program to students who do not live proximate to a RCM Founding Teacher or Founding School. We will be delighted to speak with you about setting up your personal program to begin earning RCM certificates and heading toward your Associate Diploma in Piano Performance or Vocal Performance.

Performance and Exams


As a concert-trained pianist, I emphasize this aspect with my students of all ages. Frequent group performance classes at our studio help give our students the extra experience needed to look calm and professional on stage, in exams, or when making a video for Youtube. Performance experience helps us to enjoy sharing our music with others!

Competitions and Awards

piano competition

Each year, our studio participates in RCM practical exams, FFMC Festival and State Competition, Pittsburgh International Piano Competition, Philadelphia International Piano Competition, American Protege’ international Piano and Strings Competition, and lighter things like Pasco County’s “Spotlight on Talent”, Solo and Ensembles, local outreaches to area retirement homes and hospitals, and formal and casual recitals.