Performance and Examinations

"Congratulations to you and your teacher for an exemplary performance of each piece on your very difficult program. Hearing a young student like yourself play so well, so skillfully, so passionately, is truly a treat. Students like yourself set the bar higher for all of us!" ~James Lawless, Senior Royal Conservatory Examiner, writing about WPS student, Kyle Rothenberg, age 16.

As a concert-trained pianist, I emphasize the performance experience with my students of all ages. 
Frequent group performance classes at our studio help give our students the extra experience needed to look calm and professional on stage, in exams, or when making a video for Youtube. 
Each year, our studio participates in Royal Conservatory of Music practical exams, FFMC Festival and State Competition, Pittsburgh International Piano Competition, Philadelphia International Piano Competition, American Protege’ international Piano and Strings Competition, and lighter things like Pasco County’s “Spotlight on Talent”, Solo and Ensembles, local outreaches to area retirement homes and hospitals, and formal and casual recitals. 
Our studio is also unique in that it supasses other area music schools, music stores and private teachers in offering our students the option of being part of the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music ARCT Program. Yearly exams give our students credit towards their associate diploma in Piano Performance. For more information, please see our page “Royal Conservatory”.


Training students of all ages to play confidently, expressively, masterfully is our specialty!

Most of us start out a bit shy of the stage. As the studio founder, with my training as a concert pianist and background as a performing artist, I emphasize the aspect of performance with all our students, both voice and piano. My students and I have great fun collaborating to create creative performances. Frequent group performance classes at our studio help us to grow confident. WPS students enjoy recitals, concerts, outreaches, and other performance opportunities. Before long, even formerly shy students become enthusiastic and confident performers!

❤ Our studio loves our community, and we believe in sharing our time and talent through outreaches and charity concerts. Our teen group, MUSE, is responsible for arranging recitals at area retirement homes and hospitals. Right now, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we continue to share our music via virtual recitals and Youtube videos.


Our close affiliation with the Royal Conservatory of Music means that we can offer the gold standard of classical music education. The RCM curriculum and exams are respected world-wide. RCM students learn a broad repertoire of classical, jazz, and popular music. WPS hosts yearly practical examinations with trained professionals from Toronto's Royal Conservatory right here in Tampa Bay/New Tampa, in Burgess Hall within the Music Building at the University of South Florida. Yearly exams give students helpful input about their progress, and validate their developing expertise on a yearly basis.

For more information about the Royal Conservatory of Music program, please see our page titled "Royal Conservatory" above.

Our studio is proud to congratulate several RCM State Certificates of Excellence each year, which are awarded to the students earning the top scores for their level in the entire state of Florida.