Piano and Vocal Ensembles

Music Ensembles Make Piano and Voice Lessons a Social Occasion

Playing the piano can be a little isolating. As much as we love to have private time with our music, sometimes it's nice to play with others. At Wendelken Piano Studio, we recognize the importance of ensemble playing. Duets, Trio, even Quartets can be a rewarding experience for both the performers and audience. Imagine six hands on one keyboard, playing a Rachmaninoff Trio, or eight hands on two keyboards- kind of a double duet- playing a jazz quartet. It's an incredible thing to experience!
Many of our students enjoy playing in an ensemble each year. Our ensembles perform for the FFMC District "Festival" and State Competition each year, and we have brought home first and second-place trophies every year, in both piano and vocal ensembles.
dueling pianos 1
As this is being composed, we are in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. Even now, many of our students are enjoying playing in an ensemble, either playing or singing with another family member or playing in a piano duo. With the duo option, each player has his/her own piano, what you might think of as “dueling pianos”. It’s a socially distant way that’s safe and social at the same time.
Our Vocal ensembles are equally popular. Last year, two sisters who study with us teamed up to sing, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” and had the judges wiping away tears of laughter. These two went on to win first place at State. It was difficult to accompany them, because they were so distractingly funny!